Monday, April 14, 2014

04/14/14 ~ 04/12/14

Ok wow hi where do I start. Ok we do SO much finding it's kind of
ridiculous. Like how long can we walk on state college blvd and knock.
I'll tell you, a very long time. And we haven't seen much success.
Like hi homeless person here is a Book of Mormon and bye we'll never
see you again. We have found a few potentials that we knocked into.
But no one like really solid and golden.

OK HERE IS WHERE I AM LIKE "wow what" AT THIS WEEK. A members brother
moved in with them and wants to get baptized. Wow.
We were trying to see if someone still lived in the ward, they don't.
But the people who live there now were stoked to see us, want to meet
with us this week, AND offered to feed us on 4.14.14 Wow.
And we are sitting in church when the bishop pulls us aside and
introduces us to these people who literally just walked in to church
and want to meet with missionaries. Wow.

LIKE IS THIS REAL LIFE? Like seriously what's going on.

Also the dinner calendar here was like so empty. I don't know what I
could compare it to but it is just so empty. Which is a change from my
last area which had a full calendar a month in advanced. Anyway so
yeah we had to make dinner on our own  a lot, which isn't that bad.
But let's be honest, I'm no Gordon Ramsey. Anyway today after church
we go to see the dinner calendar AND ITS COMPLETELY FULL THIS WEEK. I

So really I am #blessed . And sometimes life is just hard, but that's
the way it has to be. (I'm reading Jesus the Christ and that's one of
the things I've learned so far) well, in addition to y own personal
experience of driving the struggle bus. But really wow. God is
definitely looking out for me! I am just stoked with how this week
ended up! I'm also excited for this week. (An apostle of The Lord,
Neil L. Andersen, is coming to talk to the Anaheim and Irvine
missions. I'll have to tell you all about that next week.)

Now this coming Sunday is Easter. It's more than just eggs and that
grass that gets everywhere. It's about Jesus Christ. I am so thankful
for Him. I know that #becauseofhim we all can be forgiven of our sins.
I know that He suffered for us so that we don't have to suffer alone.
I am thankful for Him. I love Him. I know He makes it possible for us
to return again to Heaven.

I encourage you to notice all the ways your are blessed this week.
Take a moment this week and reflect on how Jesus Christ has influenced
your life!

Much love,
Elder Westin Wong

Ok here is a video of us walking at night. Casual.
And a picture of elder strong blowing bubbles i don't know

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