Monday, April 14, 2014

04/14/14 ~ 04/12/14

Ok wow hi where do I start. Ok we do SO much finding it's kind of
ridiculous. Like how long can we walk on state college blvd and knock.
I'll tell you, a very long time. And we haven't seen much success.
Like hi homeless person here is a Book of Mormon and bye we'll never
see you again. We have found a few potentials that we knocked into.
But no one like really solid and golden.

OK HERE IS WHERE I AM LIKE "wow what" AT THIS WEEK. A members brother
moved in with them and wants to get baptized. Wow.
We were trying to see if someone still lived in the ward, they don't.
But the people who live there now were stoked to see us, want to meet
with us this week, AND offered to feed us on 4.14.14 Wow.
And we are sitting in church when the bishop pulls us aside and
introduces us to these people who literally just walked in to church
and want to meet with missionaries. Wow.

LIKE IS THIS REAL LIFE? Like seriously what's going on.

Also the dinner calendar here was like so empty. I don't know what I
could compare it to but it is just so empty. Which is a change from my
last area which had a full calendar a month in advanced. Anyway so
yeah we had to make dinner on our own  a lot, which isn't that bad.
But let's be honest, I'm no Gordon Ramsey. Anyway today after church
we go to see the dinner calendar AND ITS COMPLETELY FULL THIS WEEK. I

So really I am #blessed . And sometimes life is just hard, but that's
the way it has to be. (I'm reading Jesus the Christ and that's one of
the things I've learned so far) well, in addition to y own personal
experience of driving the struggle bus. But really wow. God is
definitely looking out for me! I am just stoked with how this week
ended up! I'm also excited for this week. (An apostle of The Lord,
Neil L. Andersen, is coming to talk to the Anaheim and Irvine
missions. I'll have to tell you all about that next week.)

Now this coming Sunday is Easter. It's more than just eggs and that
grass that gets everywhere. It's about Jesus Christ. I am so thankful
for Him. I know that #becauseofhim we all can be forgiven of our sins.
I know that He suffered for us so that we don't have to suffer alone.
I am thankful for Him. I love Him. I know He makes it possible for us
to return again to Heaven.

I encourage you to notice all the ways your are blessed this week.
Take a moment this week and reflect on how Jesus Christ has influenced
your life!

Much love,
Elder Westin Wong

Ok here is a video of us walking at night. Casual.
And a picture of elder strong blowing bubbles i don't know

04/07/14 ~ 04/14/14 (and weeks past i found, sorry ~kiana)

Wow this week has been crazy!
Well first off, last Monday we are at our pday activity when I see a
missed call and text from the Assistants to the President. Right after
I saw that my zone leaders come grab me, I was like ?????????? ( I was
kind of freaked to be honest. )

Anyway. We had an emergency transfer because this other set of elders
were not getting along. They told me I had about an hour to pack all
my stuff and move down to Anaheim. So there's that.

I am now down in Anaheim! I live right by angels stadium and
Disneyland. I literally can see the Disneyland fireworks from my
apartment, that's pretty cool. Except for the fact that we can't go to
Disneyland. Seeing it everyday is like wow ok see you in two yours,
well 20ish months.

Elder Strong is my new companion. He's awesome! We get along well, and
we work hard. It's definitely a good mix. And while I do miss my last
area dearly, and really sad I didn't have the chance to say goodbye. I
am loving this area so far. Everything about it. The people, the
scenery, everything. Being on a mission is exciting.

We had interviews with the president this week. It was good to get to
talk with president face to face again. He had a lot of good things to
say about me, which is always good to hear!

And general conference! Wow. What can I say?! It was soo great. I
loved watching conference, so many lessons to be learned. My favorite
talks were Elder Nelson and Elder Bednar. I invite you to go watch
Elder Bednars talk. Whether you are a member of the church or not, his
words will inspire you! I can promise you that.

I am so thankful for a loving God. I know that He knows what's up in
all of our lives, and has a plan for each and every one of us, and we
need to be hopeful in that plan.

All the best,
-Elder Wong

so I found this  older one I spaced on posting, sorry! here they are! ~kiana

Ok it was in the 90s like all week. This is so weird.

Anyway this week was good. It was kind of a turning point for me, let
me explain.

So up until Saturday of this past week the struggle was so real. Well
it still is, but less. Okay so I haven't really been myself basically
since I stepped into the mtc. I got to be myself towards the end of
the mtc, but then they shipped me off to California and I was back in
my shell. So I got a letter from a missionary in my mtc district this
past week and it really helped. They said how God called ME to this
specific mission.
Like the real me. The me me. Not the fake me, or pretend me.
Like straight up, God called the sassy, really weird Westin that we
all know and love to Anaheim, because he knows that the real me would
be able to help the people here.

So I don't know what happened Saturday this past week. If I just
flipped the real me switch back on, or if I snapped or lost it.
Actually it was probably a combination of all of those. But it
remember being more me on Saturday than I have been my while mission
thus far. Which is kind of sad, and I was actually really worried
about losing my identity of myself before my mission. Idk I'm weird.
Since coming out on my mission I have been so, pardon my French, hell
bent on being the perfect missionary, perfectly obedient, perfect
everything.  And I haven't been enjoying myself. Perfection is a
disease of a nation. (I'm sorry I just had to pull that reference.)
Yes I still need to strive to be my best, but I also needed to be
reminded that I'm not going to be perfect, and I'm not going to be the
prefect missionary right out the gate. So it was good.
But I'm glad I figured it out. When I was trying to explain this to my
companion he knew exactly what I was talking about, and said it took
him twice as long as it did me to come to the same realization. So I
guess I'm ahead of the game? I think I'll be seeing more success now
that I'm being more myself? We'll see.

Speaking of success. We FINALLY got a less active we've been working
with for half my time here to come to church. Granted, they did fall
asleep during sacrament meeting, but they were still there. I was like
OH MY GOSH SHES HERE. when I saw her at the door. It was really cool
because she actually found herself a ride to church. I was worried she
wasn't going to follow through on her side, because she hasn't in the
past, but she called her visiting teacher and she came to church. So
it's not an entire nation being baptized, but it's someone taking a
step in the right direction. I'll take it.

We set a goal as  a companionship for 2 baptisms in April. Which will
be hard because we haven't had any in this area in close to two years.
But I have faith, and I'm really committed to finding those two lost

but..THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF MY TRAINING. I'm very excited, it seems
like it's been forever that I have been training, which has basically
been me training myself, but I won't talk about that too much because
part of me turning over the new elder Wong leaf is looking for the
goods and the positives. So yeah.

It wasn't a big week for the area, bit it was a huge week for me.
Watch out Orange County because the real Elder Wong is back and ready to go.
Ok That was super cheesy, BYE

Anyway have a great week everyone!
Elder Westin Wong

I don't think the iPad saved my captions of the pictures.
But the first is of a random statue in my area. It's weird, but I love it.

The second is of me and a lemon that was the size of my head. We used
that and a regular lemon to make a gallon of lemonade it was so huge

Ps random story. We were teaching this family and their little 10 year
old girl asked me about the seven seals in the bible and I was like OK

Hey everyone. Ok here's what's been going down.
We just had transfers. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Cipcic
( sip-sick). He is from Michigan and actually came on his mission the
same time as my trainer Elder Spencer.
Elder Spencer is gone. Well actually just like 20 minutes away, but
gone none the less. I have very mixed feelings about all of this. I
spent 3 months of my life with him, 24/7. And today I was just like
"ok wow he's actually gone. Like what is happening." Because I've only
ever known the mission field with him by my side. ITS WEIRD. Because
as much as I got bugged by the things he did or say, or didn't do or
say, I already miss him. It's so bizarre. I don't even know how to
describe it or what. Like it's just weird.

So yeah. I'm with Elder Cipcic now. I'm still in North Hills, and
still Westin. Ok you know how last week I had like a revelation about
being myself? Well I'm not exactly sure what happened to that. I don't
know I'm still just very awkward trying to still figure life out and
how to be myself again. IM SO WIERD ABOUT THIS I DONT KNOW WHY. I'll
be sure to keep you updated, but I'm still like "..what" like all the

We got to go to the temple again for temple tour. It's a really cool
thing we do to take investigators and non members to see the temple
grounds. We get to explain why we build temples, and a little about
what goes on inside. We had a lady from our ward bring a friend, so we
could go. (We couldn't go unless we had a non member there with us."
Anyway it was fun. And we were in three separate missions that day.
Anaheim, Long Beach, and Irvine (which used to be a part of the
Anaheim mission until this past summer.) Now don't think we are being
some crazy disobedient missionaries. But the freeway to the temple
literally goes through all of those. And the temple is in irvine so

Ok cool story. Yesterday while we were about to check out from grocery
shopping I am about to swipe my card when a lady behind us says "don't
worry about that elders, I'll get it for you!" I was like 'wow are you
sure.' They were. Granted it wasn't very much, but still I was like
WOW on the inside. She was from the ward that shares the building with
us, and remembered me helping putting away chairs and tables at an
event they had. So yeah that was a major blessing that God was like
"here you go."

Sorry this week wasn't major angel appearing material. But I'm
learning that missionary work isn't all fab and cool. Sometimes you
clean a patio while getting lectured by a WW2 veteran. And you just
have to roll with it. (Ok that actually happened. We cleaned this guys
patio and the whole time he was like "WONG, GET THAT OVER THERE. SWEEP
THAT." And it was hot and I was just like "wow what's going on right

Anyway. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Wong

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

03/31/14 ~ 04/06/14

I finally had an earth shaking week! In more ways an one. Literally.
On Friday night we were teaching a lesson when the room shook and it
felt like a car hit the building. Weird. About an hour later we had
about a 5.2 earthquake! It was my first earthquake, and was totally
unexpected. I fell onto my bed and broke a hanger. That's about as bad
as the damage was for us. But he rest of la Habra didn't get off so
lucky. We helped some of the ward members and investigators clan up
their home and fix up some stuff. It was centered at the intersection
of my apartment, so we got to feel it pretty good. There have been
after shocks all weekend, mainly in the night, which is totally
acceptable because I'm trying to sleep.


So I have been really stressed out. I have a new companion, and pretty
much taking over the area. I have been typical perfectionist Westin
and try to take on the world by myself. And I have been especially
stressed about our numbers. I know, I know. It's not a numbers game.
But we set a goal for 2 baptisms in April. No one has a date yet. I
feel like I'm trying my best. And I feel like I'm failing and nothing
is happening. So that stresses me out.
So yesterday I really prayed about how I felt like I was overwhelmed
and stressed out about life in general.

Ok so Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. And we had a less active
sister we've been working with since I got here. We FINALLY got her to
church. Granted we had to go over at 7 in the morning, wake them up,
and make breakfast yesterday to get them there, but they were there
none the less. So that was a miracle.

Then SHE GOT UP AND BORE HER TESTIMONY. I was dying. I was like what
is she going to say oh my gosh. Well she gets up there and talks about
how these two little kids knocked on her door a couple months ago and
invited her to church. (Little kids being me and my companion.) And
how we kept in coming by. Sharing scriptures with her. Helping her
clean her house. Etc. and how we never gave up on her, and that how
she never wanted to be inactive again after today. I ALMOST LOST IT.

Then one of the sisters investigators that we have been helping gets
up and bears their testimony about how they want to be baptized.

Then I start looking around the ward. And as I looked at each
individual or family I all of the sudden remember all that I have
helped them out with, all the messages shared, and the friendships I
have made. I realized I haven't been a failure in my time in this
ward. I've actually done quite a bit. And even though I haven't had a
baptism yet, that is totally ok. I have gotten to help and strengthen
the members.
As one of my best friends put it, "A mission is never a waste."

So my prayers were definitely answered. I can't tell you how many
times I've been told success is not in the results. Or something to
that effect. Obviously I still struggle with the idea of success.
Maybe God is trying to teach me that. I say trying because I obviously
have been really stubborn, and haven't been good at recognizing it

I can tell you that God is completely aware of each of us. I can tell
you that He loves each of us, and has a very specific plan for each of
us. I love this gospel. And, however stressful and tiring may be, I
love missionary work. I have learned so much in the short time I've
been out here. Thank you for all the prayers, I can really feel them
carry me through the day.

Elder Wong