Monday, March 10, 2014

3/12/14 ~ 3/19/14

Ok this week.

So looking at our numbers I'm like ok what.
Missionary work isn't about numbers, but seeing zeros isn't on the
short list of numbers i like seeing.
Are we working? Yes.
Things just don't always work out as planned. Oh speaking of planning,
I do all the planning lately. We are supposed to plan as companions
but when my companion says "i don't know" to literally everything I
say/ask it's just easier to do it by myself, which again, isn't how
it's supposed to go, but what can you do.
But that's seems to be the overarching theme of my mission thus far.
Apparently I'm really a control freak and needed three months of "nope
you can't do that."

So this week I was going crazy. We weren't seeing success, my
companion was buggin, it was freakishly hot (it's been in the 80-90s
like ok it's supposed to be snowing I'm not used to those.) I was just
such a struggle, well I still am, but less and less of a struggle
everyday. Then exchanges happened.
Exchanges are nice. I get to have a new companion for the day, maybe
got o a different area, it's just fun. So I was with Elder Komura.
He's from Osaka Japan. He is so nice. He made me hot chocolate and
offered to make me more food. I had to fight him to take my own
luggage up the stairs, he is just so nice like wow.
Anyway, out of no where he shares this mormon message about God's will
for us. It's called "the will of God" if you want to watch it, I
recommend it. Anyway. It was awesome. I know him showing me that video
was God's way of being like "ok Westin pipe down and just trust that I
know what I'm doing." But it was a good reminder that God didn't
forget about me. Here I am telling people all day that He knows what
they're going through and I was struggling with that exact principle.

So here is your reminder that God knows, loves, and is aware of you. I
really do know that to be true.
We do a lot of work with less actives in this ward. There's one couple
that we visit that always says "you always show up when I am having a
hard time. I know that God sent you to me." So that's cool to hear.

things. Ok bare with me this letter is so long wow.

Ok there's this family that feeds us every single week. I love them.
They are great. Anyway, they are converts of about 5 years have been
trying to go to the temple, and stuff just keeps getting in the way.
Ok so this week they told us that they have set a date with the bishop
to go to the temple!!!! I was beaming I was so happy when they told
us. They asked if we would come with the, to the temple and if we
could come to the sealing. We have to get permission, but I hope we

Ok the other thing. So we are street contacting. We see this woman at
a bus stop. She is pretty tattooed up, has half her head shaved, and
the other half of her head is striped jet black, bleach blonde, and
neon pink. My comp says that she looks busy, which in his defense she
was kind of busy, and that we shouldn't talk with her. My comp was
probably like what when I went up and talked to her.
Turns out she was the nicest person. She was so willing and open to
listen to what we had to say. She told us how she knew Mormons growing
up, they were always so nice. And she has read the Book of Mormon a
few times when she was in jail. I gave her a copy that I had with me,
and she asked to write my name and something short in it.  So I did
like a one sentence testimony. She said "thank you so much for
stopping and talking with me Elder Wong, most people wont talk to me.
I'll always remember this."

So it's moments like that where I'm like ok I don't even care about
numbers because moments like that are just cool.

Also. We pass out a lot of pass along cards. My favorite ones are the
ones with Jesus stepping out of the tomb. People usually say no to a
card, but I whip out one with Jesus on it and they always take it. I
think people feel bad rejecting a picture of Jesus. And most people
will throw pass along cards on the ground, but never one with Jesus on
it. So thanks Jesus, thanks for helping us get pass along cards to
people. I find it fun and funny, it's little things like that that
keep me sane.

I just realized how long this email was. Do I apologize? Not really.
There are a lot of great things happening here in La Habra California
and I miss talking to you all.

Elder Wong

Ps. If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about the
gospel that's on Facebook or that lives in SoCal, let me know! I would
love to teach you, or them, about the message I share as a missionary!

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