Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1/31/14 ~ 2/7/14 20th BIRTHDAY

As some of you may know, California is experiencing a drought. Apparently it's supposed to rain during the winter months here, but I think it's only sprinkled for maybe 2 minutes during the 5 weeks that I have been here.

Like the state of California, the area that I am serving in is currently in a drought. I found out this week that the area that I am in has not had a baptism, or really solid investigator in over a year!

We worked really hard at finding this week. We went through a lot of names in our area book and visited them. Almost all of them were not interested, or had moved. We did find one guy who agreed to a return appointment tomorrow though! I am super excited for it, and hope that he has a desire to learn more about the gospel. Our goal this week is more finding. Apparently the set of missionaries like three sets ago knocked the entire area because they didn't have anyone to teach. 

So yesterday we had a state wide fast for rain, and what do you know. At around 8:00pm it started raining really hard. I was pretty excited! And it was a great reminder to me that God really is listening to me. I have faith that, just like my prayers for the rain to end the drought, that Heavenly Father will send a rain shower of investigators to get my area out of this long drought!

I hope you all have fantastic weeks. Remember to eat a lot of good food on Wednesday (aka my birthday) for me!

You are all in my prayers!

Elder Westin Wong

               I apologize for my obsession with the sunsets here. But every night is seriously such a treat.

Here is a picture of me waiting for the library to open this morning. It's actually pretty funny because there are actually people who line up to get in the library, and it's basically the closest thing I'll get to disneyland.

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