Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2/24/14 ~ 3/3/14 8th WEEK

Wow! I can't believe it's been 8 weeks! Ok here's what went down this
past week.

Zone conference:
Zone conference was amazing. The things that we're said we're just
what I needed to here. There was a lot of talk about obedience. It was
said many times that we will see miracles happen as we make more of an
effort to be even more obedient. Granted we aren't disobedient
missionaries, but there is always room to improve, and always ways to
be more obedient. Stay tuned for miracles.

Actually I'll just tell you right now. So remember our investigator
who had a lot of health problems? Well we lost contact with him for
about a month. Ok so the night before we are planning and there's an
empty spot for like an hour, so we prayed about what to do, and I felt
the strongest impression to go to the neighborhood where he lives.
Why. I had no idea at the time. So we go there and we are driving
around AND THEN WE SEE HIM JUST WALKING AROUND. like we haven't seen
or heard from him in a month and now he is just casually walking when
he never walks. So we pulled over, parked, walked him to his home, and
taught a lesson. #faith
Bad news is last night we got a call and he's back in the hos
vomiting up blood, so we are going to see him later today. So pray for
him? Thank you.

So Monday we went down to the mission office and got our iPads and our
iPad training. It was the closest thing I will probably ever get to
experiencing Oprahs favorite things. (You get an iPad and you get an
iPad!!) They just brought in a box of iPads and we're just casually
handing them our. I am so excited to be able to use such a great tool
to hasten the work. It will allow us to teach people over FaceTime and
Skype!  And it means we are going paperless. A lot of the older
missionaries seem apprehensive / resistive of going paperless, but all
the newer missionaries are stoked!

So today we got to go to the Newport Beach Temple. It was just what I
needed. I'm still struggling with some things out here, and the temple
really helped. I felt so peaceful and calm after. The temple is just
so great, I can't wait to go again!
Also there is a cafe rio in Tustin. So we stopped there on the way
home. You have no idea how happy I was to eat that grilled chicken

We'll until next week,

- Elder Westin Wong

Here are some pictures of the Newport Beach Temple!

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