Monday, January 6, 2014

12/30/13 ~1/6/14 New Years

Hello everyone!

I'm finishing up my first week in the field and am LOVING it! I am in an area of La Habra called North Hills. The area the Elders cover is huge, so we have a car to take us around, which is so nice! 80% of the mission is in cars. It's funny, at zone meetings and what not it'll look like a toyota dealership because of all the Corollas in the parking lot.

My trainer, who I'll be with for 3 months, is Elder Spencer. He's from Washington state, and lives about 20 minutes away from Seattle. He has been out for 10 months, and I am the 3rd Elder he is training! We are getting to know more about each other every day, and are getting along quite well.

We spend a lot of time with two other Elders in our area. Elder Cook, from Holiday Utah, and Elder Uchida, from Tokyo Japan. Elder Cook makes stuff out of wood. He's made watches, hat brims, glasses, all sorts of stuff! It's all super cool. Elder Uchida made us a traditional Japanese style new years breakfast. Udon noodles, fish, and octopus soup! It was definitely the most unique meal I have eaten out here so far.

As some of you may know, the California Anaheim mission is one of 30 missions in the world to use online proselyting tools! We are allowed to get on facebook each day and post uplifting thoughts, and talk with members and investigators in our area. I can add friends and family, however I won't be able to talk to you about anything unless it's the gospel. You can send me messages, but I won't always respond. Here is the link to my mission facebook profile for those of you who wish to add me!

Everything here is so great. The weather is perfect, and we get stunning sunsets each night! The members here are so amazing. I have been fed pretty much every night. Last night we even had a double dinner, which was a learning experience because that does happen occasionally, and you want to eat the food the members make you.

Today we got free haircuts from a member! She has been a professional stylist for 20+ years, and owns her own salon in the Newport Beach area.

The work here has been a little slow. I found out that the Elders before either of us got here were pretty lazy, and didn't do much work. They lost the members trust. And, because the members are the ones giving us referrals, we haven't really had anyone to teach. Which is really frustrating.

I guess I had this vision of me teaching 24/7 while I was out here. But that hasn't been the case. I've had to keep reminding myself that Heavenly Father's timing is perfect, whether we like it or not. I know that there are people ready to hear the gospel, we just have to find them!

I haven't knocked on a door myself, but that is going to change this week. We have goals set up to get a few people interested and to get one of our investigators to commit to a baptismal date.

Overall, I have loved my first week here. The people, the missionaries, the members, are all so wonderful. I cannot picture myself doing anything but missionary work at this point in my life.

I hope you all have a good week! Until next time!


-Elder Wong
Ps. Here are some pictures of me so far. I promise to do a better job! I have just been so busy, I forget to take pictures! The library I'm add won't really let me add pictures, and is super slow. So, here is one picture to keep you all at bay while I wait for a chance to send more pictures.

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